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Your Body's Natural Intelligence System

Your body's natural Intelligence system works at great speed and in cooperation with your attitude, perceptions, and expectations. Each moment your body is processing tons of sophisticated information. You must pay close attention to the signals you are sending out, the frequency you are broadcasting, and examine how you feel about what you create and what you encounter.

Our feelings are the key to determining what the underlying beliefs are, and if they are helping or hindering us. Acknowledging your feelings can lead to deeper realizations. Really FEEL what you feel and identify the underlying belief that is creating it. Take a look at what you are feeling. As it leads you back to your beliefs, can you shift your perception, be ore flexible, and expand your ability to see and experience things in a new light? Ask yourself "What would someone have to believe to experience this?"

Limiting beliefs will often accompany feelings of frustration, anxiety, anger and despair. The areas where you struggle, perform poorly and experience anxiety are signaling negative beliefs about yourself and your ability to handle things. Many times your beliefs about the important things in life are being ruled from behind the scenes, our sub-conscious beliefs. Shameful feelings can eat away a you and leave you on shaky ground. Sometimes by looking at, examining, and becoming aware of an issue, or sub-conscious belief, can bring it to light and allow you to now have power over it, deciding what is best for you, what you need to do about it.

In order to empower yourself, you must recognize your fears and blocks. Fear has a recognizable frequency that can be felt as clearly as love. It can be a wake-up call, a warning that you are walking too dangerously to the edge of safety. Your body's fight or flight hormones may kick in with a tremendous rush of stress hormones to support you. This inner warning system is always on watch, protecting us, instinctually to keep us alive.

But what about emotional fear, societal fear, and our inner insecurities? We usually are not in any immediate danger, yet our stress hormones will often be triggered. Our biggest fear is a belief in our inability to handle something. Yet at the same time, we are also afraid of being a truly powerful being! Projecting feelings of fear into your reality without any threat of danger can distort our body's sense of integrity and broadcasts fear into the mass consciousness and the world. The world does not feel safe and now we see all kinds of proof of that. How did we get to not trusting our innate intelligence?

We have become programmed and conditioned to busy our selves, and our minds, so we don't really track and identify our limiting beliefs that run on automatic pilot behind the scenes. We numb ourselves to true inner feelings. It's getting worse as we are consumed by our electronic devices. As a result we've imprisoned ourselves through our own limited thinking process. Are you ready to truly look a what is hindering you?

What are some of your favorite (most common) limiting beliefs? Life is such a struggle. Money is hard to come by. I can't do anything about it. Money is the root of all evil. There's no way I can get out of this. I don't know what to do. I was never good at this. I always fail. Things never really work out for me. I just do what I can to get by. We'll never know. I always have this problem. It's their fault!

Letting go of these restrictions and limiting beliefs is like taking off a pair of really tight shoes! Relief at last. Freedom, movement, and ease flood in. If we could slow down and learn from these dynamics, recognize when we create too much stress, and where it is coming from, we can regain our power to shift, heal, realign with our Highest Self, and our True Inner Power.

Our mind requires rest, silence, time for integration and inner processing. This can help you sharpen your mind and balance your life. You are by design multi-functional, multi-dimensional, and multi-perceptual. Sometimes we all could use some help in remembering who we are inside, how we got here, and what we can do to clear out the blocks and limitations so our lives can expand into new vistas and our innate abilities can blossom! A powerful force of social and cultural unrest is brewing rapidly and we are all seeking a newfound passion for freedom from limitations!

Are you ready to move forward? It requires a clear intention and commitment to our inner self to take the time to do some exploring, learn some new tools, process some old inner stuff, and watch and integrate it into our daily lives as it magically starts to shift and open up! Light pours in, laughter fills our hearts as a lightness of being returns and the heaviness and fears we carried for so long dissipate.

Jane Smolnik is a trainer for Higher Consciousness, Certified Intuitive Healer and Naturopathic Doctor. You may visit her website and join her Higher Consciousness Training Classes at Please call her at 828-777-JANE (5263) for any questions.

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