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What is Zapping Your Creative Energy?

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Life happens FOR you, but it often feels like it is happening TO you, like we have no control over it. It can be challenging. As we grow and learn, we find we ALL have core fears, negative emotions, inner challenges, limiting beliefs, and blocked energy. These can be from past trauma's and events in our lives, or patterns inherited from our family, and even negative ancestral influences still at play from the multitude of suffering held in the group consciousness from cultures of many lifetimes ago, still waiting to be healed. We can also have things that we have not healed from our previous lives that we are still working to clear.

Often we do not see these hidden influences as they are in our subconscious and unconscious minds, contained within our energy field, our DNA, and our cellular memories. Yet they keep coming up, reasserting themselves every time we try to take steps forward in creating the life we desire.

What is draining YOUR creative energy? As you try to create the love and relationships you truly enjoy and desire, or the purpose that is greatly fulfilling to you, or the success you wish to achieve, or vibrant health, they show up. Pay attention to them.

So how much of your creative energy is tied up in guilt? How much of your creative energy is tied up in shame, and anger? What's in your story of lack? Or not being good enough, or worthy enough? How much of it is thwarted by insecurity? How much gets tied up in the need to control things? How much does fear and anxiety get in your way? We ALL have things to work through and heal in this lifetime.

When we have chronic health issues, insomnia, pain, etc. WHY are they not healing completely, even though you may be doing your best, spending lots of time and money on practitioners, herbs, nutrients and supplements? What is underlying our diseases? Are there trapped influences in your energy field? Is your body really attacking yourself, or is it something else?

We are NOT just physical bodies. we have emotional bodies,

mental bodies, and spiritual bodies as well.

I am astounded to discover the powerful wisdom and clarity of these underlying issues every single time I do a BioField Clearing session with myself, or having one of my practitioners doing it for me. The relief that comes with bringing them to the surface and the deep healing that it brings is always right on. It no longer gets in my way. My life lifts and becomes lighter. My creative energy becomes more powerful, more effective, lighter. There is less hindering it.

For so many years I struggled with trying to find true and lasting joy, and wanting to be loved,and appreciated, especially from my family. I struggled with my career. Even though I always followed my heart and passion to learn, do, and create my own business, the struggle with success and finances was always a perennial challenge. In my love life, I have been through many up and downs, trauma;s and disappointments, including the heart break of divorces. Why was I not happy? Why do we have to go through so many challenges?

Yet I would not change a thing for the growth and expansion of awareness it all brought to my life. We ARE magnificent creative Beings! We do have a more powerful, deeper side that we can tap into. Letting go of the hidden influences is essential, but they do need to brought up into our conscious awareness so we have power over them. If they are hidden in the dark recesses in our mind they can wreak havoc over and over.

Such lightness, and joy comes from the release! Our innate creative life force strengthens, and we become more powerful in our ability to create the life our Soul dreams of. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it gets brighter and brighter as we get closer and closer to the truth of our nature, our inner magnificent being, without all the old stories and trauma's clinging and dragging us down.

With all my advanced training, I developed the BioField Clearing program using 12 charts for identifying all these limitations and blocks, and an effective method for clearing it out of your energy field all the way to the core of when it first became trapped. Then after a number of things have been cleared and so much space and creative energy opens up, we use 6 charts to identify your specifically keys needed for your inner healing, the virtues you are here to MASTER, what is needed for your infinite Beingness to expand, and even empowering beliefs that your Guides are suggesting you utilize and infuse.

So when you want to truly identify and clear these things out, you can do a powerful BioField Clearing session by phone, or a series of sessions to go deeper every time. I also offer the training program for people to learn how to do this for themselves and others in our online Practitioner training program. There is another 8 week Master Class series coming up soon. Check out my website for more info at:

YOUR Creative life force is waiting to expand, to take your further on your Soul's path of living a healthy, fulfilling, joyful life, and serving humanity to do the same. Blessing be!

Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Certified Intuitive Healer and the creator of the BioField Clearing training course. She resides in Asheville, NC and works with folks from all over the country. You can find more information or contact her through her websites at:, and

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