Time to Heal ALL Humanity!

Calling ALL Healers, Therapists, Lightworkers, Energy Practitioners, and anyone who is committed to helping humanity heal on very deep levels at this important time. Life on Planet Earth has been beautiful and magnificent in many ways. But we are seeing beyond the veil into the deep recesses of our psyche, our human energy field, and recognizing all the deep wounds and trauma the human species has endured for many thousands of years.

As a species we have seen much suffering and much darkness. We have experienced brutal wars, crusades, raping and pillaging, and much more. We have been through earthquakes, fires, floods, tornadoes and droughts as the earth naturally shifts and cleanses herself.

It has not been a gentle journey of awakening. Much darkness and trauma has been gathered and passed down in our DNA, waiting to be recognized and healed.

We also see all the goodness and Light growing as we open our awareness and increase our intention to have more compassion, kindness and love for our fellow humans.

Yet as we discover the true depth and power of our innate divine nature to create a better life, we can't help but trigger all the old suffering, limitations, fears, and traumas of our ancestors, and our direct family lines as well. We inherit some of these weaknesses, patterns and limitations as we try to reduce our own pain and suffering. As we try to create more joy, peace, abundance, and happiness in our lives, we keep bumping into these hidden influences that limit us. They act as transparent filters.

We are ALL striving for a higher vibration, a healing of the old darker and denser issues that have plagued us for ions. THIS is the time of the Great Awakening! THIS is a major SHIFT as we bring more light, more love, more creative abilities, more intention, and more of our innate power.

Can we see an end of disease and suffering? The answer is YES!