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The Powerful Art of BioField Clearing

Have you ever felt stuck, limited in any way? Have you noticed that certain things keep showing up in our lives, which limit us? We all have some limiting beliefs, but also core fears, inner challenges, old trauma's, difficult emotions, inherited and ancestral patterns hidden in our psyche, in our energy field. It's actually clinging to our DNA! What IF you could easily identify and eliminate them? (Actually we don't eliminate them, we neutralize the energy of them.) It's like cleaning out old closets!

For myself, I had felt like I was going around on a hampster wheel years ago, with things seemingly happening on autopilot that I couldn't figure out how to change. After I did some in-depth training and learned how to identify and release them, my life shot up like a rocket! Everything improved. After 5 years of amazing growth, I wanted to teach others this powerful technique.

BioField Clearing was developed from many years of experience and numerous trainings. Being in the holistic health field for over 30 years, I found that people did not completely heal with even the best nutrients, supplements, and diet. It was much deeper than that. I developed 18 charts and use a BioTensor to dowse what is underlying any challenge. When connecting with someone's Higher Self and their Guides, and asking the right questions, the answers that emerge are astonishing!

Everyone has a unique story, their own personal history, their inherited influences and conditioning from their family lines, unresolved past life issues, even ancestral trauma's and patterns hidden deep in their subconscious field and even in their DNA. Humanity itself has been very traumatized and we are in the process of healing many old woulds.

Our purpose in our healing journey is to release ANY and EVERYTHING that has a detrimental or limiting influence on us, be it a virus, bacteria, toxin, trauma, limited viewpoints, etc. To discover our true unlimited potential is astounding and liberating! It facilitates our ascension.

We then use ancient Egyptian Pendulums based on sacred geometry and used for thousands of years. Using a specific technique we create a powerful magnetic vortex in the energy field to clear out these challenges from all time, space, and dimensions. It is an eloquent and sacred process.

We might have underlying feelings of insecurity, anxiety, depression, discouragement, shame, grief, being taken for granted, inability to receive, and so much more. How about fears of not being good enough, or worthy, or being authentic? Do you ever feel like you are not supported? That life is hard? Making money is difficult? Or that you have no power? I know I have.

We can also have blockages in the body systems, or organ or glands. Our Chakra's can also have blocked, stuck energy that needs to be identified and cleared. You can have particular archtypes, addictions, and more.

Once numerous items have been cleared, we then use 6 chart to identify your personal 'Inner Healing Keys', what you need to 'master' in this lifetime for your unlimited Being-ness. We then infuse the energy field with Divine Golden Light and these powerful, positive healing energies and lock it in.

EVERYONE benefits from this type of work to clear out old debris and residue, stuck energy, especially now as humanity is going through a powerful transformation. It is much DEEPER than just clearing emotions, or tapping, or repeating affirmations. It goes much deeper than doing energy healing, or akashic records work because now we can identify things pretty quickly, whether you feel you are intuitive or not. We just do the asking and the Higher Self or Guides direct us to what is there that is ready to be released.

Become a CERTIFIED BioField Clearing Practitioner, and serve people anywhere in the world!

Long distance work by phone or web doesn't matter as we are ALL connected via energy. This online Master Class series is an 8 week course that is perfect for your own personal transformation. You can also choose to complete the process to become a certified practitioner and be aboe to offer this service to others. It is your choice.

Join us! Next Course is starting Tuesday Sept. 29th. We have 8 two hour online classes with full instruction, manuals, charts, Q & A, all the forms, and everything you need. The classes are recorded and you can always watch the replay if you miss it or want to review. Save on our Early Bird Special till Sept. 26th! Visit the website at: for more info, to read testimonies, or to register.

Dr. Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Master Herbalist, Intuitive and Quantum Energy Healer. She has been an accomplished healer, speaker, teacher, and trainer. You can call Dr. Jane if you have questions at (828) 777-JANE (5263). Visit her websites at:,, and

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