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The Great Change Coming - Are YOU Ready?

There is excitement in the air, as well as trepidation, as we know something BIG is happening on this planet! The energy is shifting rapidly and the veils between dimensions are thinning. Humanity is in the throes of ascension. The Ascended Master's are in close proximity, supporting and working with us, more so than even before.

As this unfolding takes place, there is much ‘unknown’. It is easier to retreat into our ‘known’ daily lives as the unknown can make us uncomfortable. Yet it is only through the unknown that we create anything new. That’s exactly what is happening.

Humanity, and our planet, have now reached the end of a major cosmic cycle as we move into a new cycle of enlightened civilization. This is being celebrated by many Star cultures and races as they watch and assist us. Planet Earth is being liberated from the dark energies that have controlled this planet for a very long time. They have been forced out, off the planet, as well as they have for other planets they have tried to consume. It seems like a ‘Star Wars’ scenario, and perhaps it truly is.

WE are beautiful Divine beings of light and infinite potential. It is up to you to decide if you want to experience the new world of peace, love, compassion, beauty, and abundance for all. What reality do you want to create? So many people are stuck in all their day-to-day struggles and have little time or attention on our inner self, our spirituality and healing. We have much important inner work to do. Do you continue to put it off till you have more ‘time’? Everything else is a distraction, designed to keep us busy, entertained, and in struggle or survival mode. Is that satisfying for you? I doubt it.

It is not so much what you are doing, but what you are BECOMING that is important. Are you stuck in the limited realm of 3D reality, stuck in the ego mind, the life of competition, trying to survive all the challenges we are faced with daily? This is where we have been programmed to have judgments, opinions, limitations, and a more limited state of awareness.

When we truly awaken to the realization that WE are truly made in the image and likeness, WE are Divine Beings with unlimited potential, WE are all knowing, wise, loving, compassionate creatures designed to live long, healthy lives, then we have that great glimpse and desire to understand and develop more deeply this inner truth. It is empowering, enlightening, and magical at times!

You have just temporarily forgotten that you are nothing less than this expression of the Great I Am, All That Is, Divine God/Goddess, Creator of ALL. We seek to understand our own potential, expand into our divinity, as we learn to master this wisdom, this knowledge, these insights. We are extraordinary Beings!

Many may choose to stay in this 3rd dimensional timeline and continue their process and journey of evolving. We can easily get caught up in our mundane daily affairs and distractions. But many of you, most of you I would say, are here seeking advanced enlightenment and spiritual freedom, with deep inner joy and abundance in this beautiful world!

Are you consciously putting your true innate goal of awakening to the depth of understanding your true potential? What is your life reflecting? Just look around. Are you pleased and satisfied with the state of the world? Once awakened we understand, without a doubt, that we are ALL part of ONE Unified Field of existence.

Don’t be fooled by all the games that are being played out, creating further doubt and distraction. It will be short lived at this time. The ENERGIES are shifting! WE are shifting. The LIGHT is shifting. Can you FEEL it? Things are in motion. We have SO much love and support from many other higher vibrating divine beings. Our Universe is teeming with life and love. We are never alone, struggling, nor should we be.

The idea of awakening, or ‘Becoming 5D Beings’ is to truly understand this. Not only that, but the potential that our conscious minds have is off the charts!!! We have been taught to only use a small portion of our minds. To stay in limited ‘loops’. We are most often stuck in the past: past thoughts, past actions, doing most of the same things over and over, every day. Not much can be created that is new when we are stuck in the rut of routines.

I encourage each and every one of you to stay more aware. Make it your intention to attend to your daily spiritual life, to work on understanding and expanding your sense of self, aligning with your True Nature, your unlimited potential! How exciting this is!

If you would like to understand more, but more importantly, learn many new techniques, practices and abilities we have as unlimited Beings, then I encourage you to join me for this series of trainings. You can work at your own pace, but be advised that it is only YOU who can make the changes you desire. No one else can do it for you. You can’t just tag along to someone else and expect your inner world, your heart and Soul to change that deeply.

What if you can learn to develop more of your intuition? What if you could learn to communicate telepathically with other people as well as nature? What if you can quickly discern energy patterns? What if you can be in total charge of your own healing process? What if there really is NO limit to your awareness?

Of course we all feel like we are aware, and we are. But we ALL have our limitations. Can you peel them away to expose the truly mind-blowing Self that you really are? Wow. Life gets very exciting, and things seem to happen like magic! Our ability to manifest our desires accelerates and happens rapidly when we are in that state of awareness.

When we are stuck in the 3rd dimension, with all the limitations of our mind, it takes a ton of EFFORT and time to make anything happen. We get stuck, bored, exhausted, and can often give in to just going with the flow of society. Whatever the news tells us, or our schools, or religious organizations, our limited medical profession, or worse yet, what our governments are regulating and controlling!

I for one have known for most of my life that I came here to assist this process of expansion and awakening. I have trained in so many things over the years and now the time is ripe. I know that so many of us have also done this, had this instinctive knowing. WE ALL HAVE AN IMPORTANT role to play, and our unique gifts to offer! Each and every one of us. I honor you all.

So if you feel so inclined, or inspired, I invite you to join me for an awakening series. My intention is to make this easy, affordable, fun, and inspiring for everyone to join in, contribute, make a practice every week, every day of utilizing MORE of your innate intelligence! I am holding the space, grounding the Light, as many of you are, for this time for all of humanity to BLOSSOM into the beautiful, loving beings we all are inside. Many Blessings to ALL.

Love, Jane

P.S. The link to register for the first FREE Class of 'Becoming 5D Beings' has been fixed. You can now register here:

NOTE: Please save your registration email as Zoom will not send it out again. I will remind you all next week before we begin! Thank you.

Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd is a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Certified Intuitive Healer, Kinesiologist, licensed Avatar Master and Wizard and the creator of the Biofield Clearing healing technique. You can reach her at any of her websites at:,, and

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