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Quantum Healing and Gene Signaling

The quantum field is infinite, connects to ALL possibilities, everything, including us! When we feel gratitude and appreciation, as well as wholeness and connection, we experience more joy and faster manifestations in our lives.

Most of us live in a state of the ‘known’ with our attention on the past. Thinking of past experiences, and our routines, everything stays the same. In the predictable future, the ‘known’ repeats itself, over and over. This is pretty much what being in 3rd dimensional reality is – it is a limited field. When we are limited by 3D it takes more time and effort to create what we prefer. 3D creates distortion, incoherence, duality, polarity, it is predictable, and known.

Think about when we experience depression, shame, guilt, fear, doubt, stuck emotions, etc? These usually have nothing to do with the present moment, but we are reliving our PAST experience of them. We recreate them in our mind, over and over. We drag these experiences, our ‘baggage’, with us. Even our cells will reproduce these limiting thought forms and beliefs. This is gene signaling. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to change things, creating a new experience for ourselves – something totally different.

We are usually not feeling connected to Source. We feel separate and alone, less empowered.

How often are we in the present moment? What are you thinking about right now? How does this relate to what you know? How do we shift things?

What if we FEEL everything we do with Love? What if we are more conscious and aware of our Self? Can you become a ‘watcher’? This is probably the most important exercise you can do to shift and advance your frequency. When we ‘watch’ ourselves, we are actually watching from our Higher Self viewpoint. It is always compassionate and neutral, just observing. There is no need for judgments, opinions, labels, or reactions. It seems to ‘smile’ at us.

Rising up to the higher, more elevated emotions can assist us with this process, but we must use intention. When we experience appreciation, gratitude, joy, love, unity and connection, we experience oneness, not separation. Our vibration increases easily.

This is the state of spiritual awareness, also known as 5D. When we feel connected to ‘Source’ we ARE Source! There is unity, relief, joy, unlimitedness, and a connection to infinite possibilities. It is the realm of the Unknown, an expanded state where anything is possible.

The problems in our lives are created from the same level of consciousness we create it from, or Unconsciousness. There is a lack of awareness and possibilities, only limitations, struggle, fear, challenges. Why do we keep creating these things over and over? Because we have not shifted to a higher, more expanded state of awareness. We are more comfortable staying ‘inside the box’ of what we know. The unknown is often uncomfortable.

When we observe from a greater level of consciousness, we’re supplied with great, new opportunities, new possibilities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations. That’s what challenges us to move to a greater vibration so we can overcome them. Now you are no longer a match for the lower vibrating experiences and challenges. We lift up our 'vibe’ and our feelings, which is the door to outside the box!

We create an energetic field around us, and energy pattern. This is our 'biofield'. Are you doing this by default, or by intention? Feeling our frustration, our emotions, we have to look at the thought. Things like ‘it’ll never change’, or ‘It’s out of my control’, or it’s always been this way’. These ideas keep us stuck and limited. When, how, and will it ever change? We feel stuck and resign to ‘what is’. Personally, I hate being limited.

When we move to a greater level of consciousness, there’s a space where those thoughts, or that problem, doesn’t exist. We go outside the box, expanding our awareness to new possibilities. We feel joy and relief for going outside the box!

From that eternal, expanded state we draw it to us much more rapidly, and easily, drawing it into your heart. It pulls it toward us like an attractor beam! Tune into the frequency of Oneness, possibilities, etc.

But what happens when our old fears, doubts, concerns, reactions get in the way? Our old experiences kick in. We still have unhandled baggage from the past! This is where Biofield Clearing can be very helpful! Not only do we have stuck emotions that keep popping up, old fears, limiting beliefs, etc, but we also have inherited patterns as well. We say to ourself “That’ll never work.“ Or we feel like we don’t deserve it, or don’t have the money, etc,. etc.

So many of these things are actually stuck in our subconscious and unconscious mind! This is why we can work with your Higher Self, Your Guides, and Angels, and use the charts to quickly determine what needs to be cleared, based on your concerns. It is quite an eye-opening process!

We use a powerful technique and sacred geometry patterns to draw out, neutralize, and dissolve those old patterns, fears, challenges, beliefs, blocks, etc. We also see what is needed to help re-align you with your Highest and True Self. We raise our vibration, and frequency. Even many health challenges can shift as we create new signals to the genes. We turn OFF the triggers in our DNA that have been trying to get our attention. We HEAL on much deeper levels.

Can your beliefs and filters change? Absolutely! Can you create a space where that challenge doesn’t exist? Can you create, or attract, a new reality? Of course. This may be the most important part of your inner healing process! We stop creating in the ‘loop’ of our known realities, and expand into the unknown. We CHOOSE from the realm of infinite possibilities.

Every single one of us has numerous things that limit us, that challenge us, that we need to learn from. It is an extraordinary life we have! Can you become MORE of who you truly are?

I invite you to experience this remarkable inner healing session for yourself. Become and stay more empowered, more aligned, more aware and your life will quickly and more easily start to change.

Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd has been in the holistic health field for well over 30 years. She has created these charts and systems to assist people to heal on the deeper levels of their being, right down to the DNA! You may visit her website at for appointments, or to more info about the training or to find Practitioners. is also available for classes and training!

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