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Powerful Angelic Healing Changes Your Life!

This work of Biofield Clearing continues to AMAZE me! It is outstanding as it helps people in so many ways, unique to their needs. My Guides made it very clear to me that we can truly call this 'Angelic Healing' as THEY are the ones leading and directing the process the entire way (along with your other guides as well).

Every single one of us needs to clear out old, painful and limiting baggage and traumas. The more we clear out, the higher our frequency raises and the more magical our lives become! We manifest much more quickly, and with clarity and intention. What is actually happening is we are rising up into being 5D Humans. This is something we ALL need to do sooner or later but it is certainly happening right now, very quickly. We are ascending and the veils are thinner than ever. This actually helps us accelerate the process.

We are finding so many amazing things in people's history, their ancestors, past lives, etc. that were shocking or traumatic events that were not healed from generations ago! These items get passed down in our DNA waiting to be addressed. That problem is it comes into our subconscious and unconscious minds. We don't realize it, but they get 'triggered' every time we are trying to create a happier, healthier life. It stops us in our tracks! Our Soul is trying to tell us to PAY ATTENTION! Something is amiss.

The Angels clarity, insights, and advice are extraordinary. Even if you think you are not intuitive, it is easy for us to learn how to utilize this system of Biofield Clearing and the 27 Charts designed by Jane Smolnik Boyd and her Guides, Angels, and Star Family. It's been a delightful, cooperative adventure. The Guides point us to what is needed to release in the charts.

We all have trapped emotions, core fears, inner challenges, blocks, limiting beliefs, cords, traumas, chronic stressors, etc. to uncover and clear or neutralize completely. All of these things pull us 'off center' and out of alignment with our Highest and True Self.

Dr. Jane teaches us how to 'dowse' like Masters using a Bio-tensor. We learn how to go through the charts, asking the right questions, and we can even determine what realm something originated from, or at what age, or how many lifetimes back from our inherited families. The 'Clearing Process' is a precise technique utilizing ancient Egyptian Healing Pendulums based on sacred geometry and certain 'commands' for the release to dissolve and clear items, turning them off so they are no longer being triggered.

Once a number of items have been cleared, we then use the positive 'Healing Charts' to infuse Divine Golden Light into the now wide open space. We are actually realigning you with your Highest and True Self, knowing that it is the highest aspect of your Soul's healing. It is extraordinary work, sacred and empowering every time!

If you have not experienced this yet, perhaps you owe it to yourself to do so. People come back for more sessions going deeper into their healing, down to the level of the DNA. Plus their 'alignment with their Higher Self gets stronger and more powerful every single time! We often have to do it in steps so we have time to integrate the shifts in our vibration.

Health Practitioners of every kind are seeking this out, whether an Energy healer, Holistic healer, Psychologist, Natural therapist, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Healer, or Sound Healer. We also have many folks who like to learn this technique for their personal evolution and transformation. It can easily be done on yourself, or your family and friends. What I find is that EVERYONE needs this. People are also seeking it out as there are very few things that can have such an impact on their lives immediately.

If you are interested in learning this powerful technique, we do have another course starting in mid-June. It runs eight weeks via Zoom Meetings. This upcoming class will be held from 11:00 - 1:00 pm EST. Right now I have folks from Kenya, India, Romania, Canada, as well as the US interested. This time frame allows our International friends to join us easily. I will offer another evening class this fall.

Schedule a session for yourself to see how it works and feels! You can get the early bird special until May 31st and receive $100 off. You can also break it down into 3 payments if you prefer. Please contact Dr. Jane for more info. We also offer discounts for purchasing blocks of sessions. It is well worth every penny! Your life will become much more magical, fun, and insightful! Visit our website for more info.

Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd has been a pioneer in the holistic and natural health field for over 36 years. She is a doctor of natural medicine, an Iridologist, Master Herbalist, Kinesiologist, certified Intuitive Healer, licensed Avatar Master, and the developer and trainer for Biofield Clearing. Please visit her personal website at for info about private sessions. To learn this powerful technique, visit for upcoming classes. You may contact her at

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