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How We Become 5D Beings

Becoming 5D is about becoming who we truly are, in full awareness! We must heal the old wounds and shift millennia of old beliefs, perceived limitations, and trauma’s which have kept us locked into lower densities. Can we speed up the vibration of our cells to become lighter, higher frequency? Can we absorb more light into our cells?

We are becoming crystal based humans, instead of the denser carbon-based versions. First of all, we need to get to know and integrate our ‘shadow self’. If you think about it, shadows only occur when something is blocking the LIGHT! This includes any part of you that experiences fear, guilt, shame, anger, judgments, etc. or anything you try to keep hidden, not showing that side of you to others.

What if you could own your ‘inner bitch’, or inner tormentor, or inner abuser? What you might find within you is no different than what every other human experiences. Can we send love and light to those shadow sides of ourselves? If we resist our shadow, it only becomes stronger to get our attention so we can heal our emotional body.

The more conscious and aware we are of our multi-dimensional selves, the more in charge we can become. First and most important is for us to be fully grounded, connected to this sacred earth energy. Then we can connect with our center, our true core self, the eternal part of us that is not affected by trauma, desire, or even frequency or time. Find that place of pure stillness and our sacred link to the Divine.

When you have a strong connection to this core, you are ready to explore your vastness without fear of being overwhelmed or thrown off balance. It is important to breathe into our heart center daily, taking several deep, slow breathes in, and breathing out slowly. It can calm our stress response and you may even feel the peace permeate your body more easily. Feel your heart soften and open.

You will find judgments of yourself as well as others dissipate. Our 5D selves are centered in unconditional love, with compassion for all. Can we be more aware of our Ego self, and allow it to quiet, fading it into the background? Our minds should only be used as a ‘tool’, not a place to live and respond from. We are all aware of the idea of being ‘heart centered’. That’s the place that has insight and power!

The conditioned ego is only able to take in and respond to information our culture deems acceptable. It stifles creativity and create enormous emotional, mental, physical and spiritual dysfunction! Being ‘Ego-centric’, in our minds and thinking process all the time, we become easily controlled by fear, greed, or shame. This conditioning of the ego mind has been programmed from many generations and is promoted by our schools, religions, media, medical professions, governments, society, etc.

What about your ‘natural ego’? This is the part of yourself which expresses individual choices, uniqueness, personality and talents. It is a sense of self, both individual, as well as collective. We are naturally deeply connected to others.

The conditioned, dysfunctional ego can stifle our creativity, and creates enormous physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dysfunction. This allows us to be easily controlled and limited. It often seems like life is a struggle, or certain parts of our life.

More and more of us are now shedding the old baggage, beliefs, trauma’s, fears, limitations, etc. so we can return to our natural state of Divine Energy with unlimited potential. We become lighter as we become conscious creators of our reality. Joy, bliss, love, compassion, kindness, generosity, and peace are the results.

What if you could HEAL your heart, your psyche? You can reclaim your power and heal all the old wounds and traumas of your ancestors. We again learn to trust our inner self, our inner wisdom. We discover our True self, much more aware and empowered than ever! Life can seem magical when we lighten up and shed the old limiting energies.

Of course, we cannot maintain being in 5D awareness when we have the lower vibrating energies bringing us back down to the denser 3D reality. The more we can disempower and transform the conditioned ego, the closer we become to living in our 5D awareness. If our old wounds and emotions remain unhealed and unreleased, it can keep us stuck in our conditioned ego. We need to break free from this ego in order to access our 5D nature.

Are you ready and committed to ascending to higher, lighter states of living?

Once we clear the old traumas and limitations, it does not mean you won’t get trigger anymore, but you will be aware of it and can self-correct. We also need to learn to stay connected to our Higher Self and Divine Source – staying aligned with our true power source!

Biofield Clearing is a unique and masterful process that invites your Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, etc. to join us and direct the healing process for everyone. We use 21 charts and skilled dowsing techniques to quickly identify what is stuck, or what is presenting itself, for us to heal and release.

Once we turn ‘off’ and clear many old triggers, we have wide open space and more awareness to intentionally create alignment with our Higher Self. We use several more Inner Healing Charts, as well as Egyptian healing pendulums based on sacred geometry to infuse this healing energy into your system.

Individuals always leave the session feeling lighter, refreshed, calmer, with more clarity, aligned with their Higher nature. It is always a pleasure to experience and witness this insightful transformation. It is such a blessing to be able to offer this deeper healing process to others. Many people are seeking this type of inner healing and come back for more to go deeper every time.

Are you ready to increase your frequency, your 5D awareness, your inner power and innate intelligence? Are you ready to let go of the old conditioned and programmed ego mind that’s been running the show for too long? Our innate abilities are stunning and infinite! Step into your POWER as the Divine Soul that you truly are!

Jane Smolnik Boyd is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, kinesiologist, and Quantum Energy Healer with over 36 years' experience in the Holistic Health field. She is the developer and trainer for Biofield Clearing. A new online certification course is starting soon! join us to learn this remarkable practice, or just experience a sacred session for yourself. Visit to book a private session or visit for more info about the training course.

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