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How Can We Best Serve Humanity? Channeling by Jane

Connect with all humans you come into contact with heart to heart, Soul to Soul. Offer love, compassion, wisdom, insights, and most importantly Light Energy – reminding each of the Divine within us all. WE have the power inside of us. WE are one DIVINE Being, connected to All That Is, at ALL times.

We often forget or get easily distracted. It is our job, our desire, to remind each, gently, to stay aware, aligned, and use your intention – to make a committed choice to be your Highest, Wisest, and Best Self.

Allow all other energies to dissipate, dissolve, and clear out. YOU are of utmost importance right now. What each and every one of you choose and decide upon will assist all of humanity to ascend to higher states of being.

With this comes more responsibility, more joy, more innate power to manifest. But we must stay very aware and responsible. What are you choosing? Difficulty? Limitations? Or openings and connection? This great turning point is a major shift from what has been keeping us stuck and limited, to release all negative programing, to be more of who we REALLY are!

Let go of any illusions that it is hard, difficult, or not easy. They are illusions of fear and create limitations that do not serve us or empower us. It is time to be very clear.

Put out this energy with love and compassion for all who are open to receive it, for all who need to connect. Mentor and support each other. This will build and spread, creating great connections, increasing our collective Light, raising our magnitude of frequencies.

It is truly a delightful and magical time for humanity. Open your eyes, release the darkness, stay strong and know you only have to SHINE YOUR LIGHT! We know it is hard at times as you are tested, yet always land back on your feet because your intention is strong.

You have chosen this path before you arrived here. You have done a wonderful job of following your heart, no matter what trials and tribulations may have been. They only make you stronger! Honor yourself, your sacredness, your connections to all. Call them in, be like a Beacon! It is now more essential than ever! Connect your Heart to the Divine Source. Anchor it into your heart. You are always supported in numerous ways.

Refresh yourself with time in nature, drinking in its magnificence! Bless yourself with your time of meditation and connecting with the Spirits of the Higher Light and frequency as they refresh you as well, light you up! Enjoy this process and this special time. It is here now! YOU are here now. Make the most of every moment. It is a gift.

You are a gift! Everyone is a gift as well. Bless them all and bless the world!

Blessing means sending your Divine Energy of love and compassion to all, No exceptions!

Allow there to be light in every dark corner, every dark feeling. YOU are that powerful, that necessary! It is your time, your gift, your contribution to serve humanity at this time. We are with you, loving and supporting you in every way – just ask for our assistance.

Ask for our Light to shine on you too. It is our pleasure, our joy to connect with you. Thank you!

We bless you . And so it is!

The Galactic Counsel of Light.

Can you assist me in reaching more people with this work?

Yes, you do not have to do it alone. Connect with others who support you, others who have the same mission to assist humanity. Use your Feminine power/energy to magnetize exactly what you need. Perhaps get clear on what or who you want to attract, those who are ready and open to expand further.

Those who are ready to take more responsibility of Self and choose to participate more fully in this great shift. Many are just starting to open their eyes to the truth, to see the deep truth of Who We Really Are!

It can no longer stay hidden. It is out in the open for all to see. Open your mind to the infinite potential that abounds. Once opened, once committed, it will continue to expand. Your job is to help people understand, to make sense of it, to inspire them to continue.

You have wonderful tools and gifts you have been using and learning for many years. It is time to share them. Do not hide or be afraid to shine your light – but also in seeing the Light in everyone else!

Open your eyes to listen and hear MORE. It is right there. Open your SENSES, your FEELINGS, and trust what you are receiving. Connect with your heart to be sure it resonates. It is your truth meter! It will never let you down.

We love you. We Bless you! And so it is.

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