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How Can We Accelerate Our Evolution?

We have ALL been programmed as a young child being taught from our parents, teachers, religions, schools, peers, etc. how the world works, what you should or should not do. This comes as a very limited viewpoint from our 3D experiences, and from our ancestors' experiences. Our limiting beliefs create feelings like we are not good enough, strong enough, or deserving enough. This filters HOW we view the world and limits our perceptions.

Then of course we have traumas that many have endured over many generations, that can get passed down to each next generation to deal with and heal if it wasn't completed. Did you know that our conscious mind is in the prefrontal cortex and is only 10% of our brain. The other 90% is our subconscious and unconscious mind. This is how we operate most of the day, through our old default patterns and limitations. Any fear is also holding us back. How can we possibly create the magnificent life of our choice with all these limitations in play? We need to heal and evolve!

Healing is something that must happen on a very deep level, down to our cells and DNA. Just trying to strengthen the physical body is great but not enough for the deeper work that begs us to pay attention.

But how can we even determine WHAT needs to be healed if it's in our subconscious mind?

Over years in my Holistic and Naturopathic practice I realized that we had to work deeper. I developed a series of charts and call on the assistance of our 'team' of Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Higher Self, etc. to guide us through. Depending on what your greatest challenge is in life, they guide us through the charts to find out exactly what trapped emotion, core fears, limiting beliefs, blocks, cords, stressors or traumas, etc. that each one is expressing. Once determined, we can find out exactly when it got stuck for us. Was it in this life, prenatal, inherited, past life issue, etc.?

Think of what 'trigger's you or pushes your buttons. We all have things to transform and release only we usually do not SEE them or know exactly where they came from. Positive affirmations only tend to mask the inner challenge and it will keep being expressed.

I love that our loving and compassionate Angels and Guides are always ready to assist whenever asked! Learning how to communicate with them does not have to be hard. Of course, dowsing through the charts makes it so much easier that anyone can do it. You will KNOW that the info received is spot on as it makes so much sense.

For the clearing process what we are doing is creating a magnetic vortex of Light in each person's energy field to draw out and neutralize any limitations or traumas. It has to go down to the core of when it first got trapped in the body, or the energy field, and even in the DNA. We use specific 'commands' for the process, as well as ancient Egyptian healing pendulums based on sacred geometry.

Once a number of things have been revealed and cleared, we then us the 'Healing Charts' to ask what is needed for each person to manifest their deepest desires, the virtues their Soul is here to master, what empowering beliefs would be beneficial for them to embrace, and what is needed for them to master for their infinite Beingness. This results in an empowering alignment with their True and Highest Self! Life begins to shift, change, expand, become more joyful! WE become more of who we truly are - a powerful divine Being of Light and unlimited potential, connected to this universal consciousness field of All That Is! THIS is how we evolve. This is exactly what we are here to do, to learn and to MASTER.

For anyone who would like to learn how to do this powerful process, I do have another training course coming up! For ALL health practitioners, it is something very valuable to have in your 'toolbox' of skills and techniques to assist others. EVERYONE needs this process, to do this deep inner healing work. We have all kind of natural and holistic healers, Reiki and energy healers, psychotherapists, hypnosis folks, Light Workers, nurses, Akashic record readers, etc. who LOVE blending this process into their work.

We start with Level 1. Six weeks of Zoom training to learn how to master dowsing, using the charts, the techniques, and so much more. For those choosing the certification process we go on to Level 2 for a few more weeks and practice work. Then we have the Level 3 Advanced Course! The charts here are amazing and we learn a new multi-dimensional technique as well. It is all so amazing and profound as we actually release and heal so many inner struggles from centuries of ancestral influences. We have been a suppressed society for a long time.

It is TIME now for us to evolve and ascend to a higher state of awareness and frequency, for us to be able to manifest more rapidly as we consciously choose our new experiences. Time is of the essence now. We are being supported in so many ways. Are you ready to accelerate your evolution? I should hope so. It is an exciting time to be alive. Let's all make the most of creating a new beautiful world for all humanity!

If you would like a private session with Dr. Jane, you may use my $30 discount coupon here at checkout. Use code 'Biofield30off' when you book on!

Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd has been practicing in the Holistic and Natural health field for well over 30 years. As a Naturopathic Doctor, Kinesiologist, and Iridologist it became crystal clear that our healing needs to go deeper! After creating this technique and charts with the help of her guides, she was told to now 'teach this method'. It was a brilliant idea! The next class starts June 13. For more info visit, or go to and to Course registration page. For individual appointments with Dr. Jane please visit

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