Change From Victim or Reactor to Creator of Your Life!

Your Soul has a mental body, an emotional body, an energy body, and a physical body inside of it. Who is running the show, your life? Are you stuck in your physical body and your ego mind, with all its doubts, fears, trauma’s, limitations, judgments, self- sabotage, shame, guilt, etc. running the show? If so, you are stuck!

Are you a ‘victim’, or a ‘reactor’, or a ‘creator’ in life? It depends on your intention and awareness. Can you shift those old patterns that don’t serve you anymore? Of course you can.

We have to expand our awareness to start living from your SOUL Self. Let your divine Heart and Soul be the ones orchestrating your life, being aligned with your True and Highest Self, not your limited self.

Our thoughts trigger biochemical reactions in the brain. It creates an emotion. When you feel that emotion, and you think of it, it creates a loop and it stores that emotion in the body. The stronger the emotion, the more you pay attention to it. You are now giving your power to it. Emotions are a record of the past, and it creates chemical residue. We are usually thinking in the past, and it keeps creating the same thing over and over. It is re-acting, creating a ‘loop’. Dr. Joe Dispenza calls this the Thinking - Feeling Loop.

Thoughts are the language of the brain, and feelings are the language of the body. How you think and feel creates your state of being. Your body is believing it is living in the same past experience, conditioning it to doing the same things over and over. Habits and patterns, even addictions, are created. You are programming your body. It takes effort to create change, to be present! We need to liberate those old emotions and change our brainwave patterns if we want to experience something different.

It requires a clear intention and an elevated emotion to bring the heart and mind into coherence. You can produce measurable changes in your outer world. We start to live more in the present and the unknown, creating new experiences. Now we can create deliberately, with intention. That is where the magic happens! You become a creator, not a victim or a reactor.

Witness consciousness – where we start to observe our thoughts and our feelings.</