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JOIN ME for a FREE monthly Global Biofield Clearing session for ALL Humanity!

This month's topic will be 'RELEASING OUR LIMITATIONS' so we can easily shift and ascend! What is keeping us from our true instincts? Our body intelligence? Our intuition? Many of us often feel uncertain, unworthy, scared, not trusting what we feel, especially if it goes against what the mainstream media, or others, are telling us. Are you ready to let go of the limitations that bind us? That keep us stuck? Are you ready to HEAL old patterns?  It is TIME!

We will ask what is in the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS for all of us to release and heal for ourselves and our ancestors, to come into our true power, inner knowing, and freedom! Discover how truly UNLIMITED we are! 

 I invite you to learn a little about how this powerful technique of Biofield Clearing works and experience some clearing for yourself! 

First, we will connect with the Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Being of Light, including Star Beings of the Highest Light and resonance only to join us.

We will be asking what fears, insecurities, and limitations we ALL need to clear in order for us to evolve and ascend to a higher frequency at this time.  Then I will do the clearing using ancient Egyptian Pendulums based on sacred geometry and a specific technique.  This is powerful inner healing working, clearing the DNA as well as the Biofield.  Register down below to get your link!  SEPT. 22,2022 at 7:00 pm

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As a Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic and Quantum Healer for over 36 years, I realize that we have to do more than just eat the right foods and take the right supplements if we want deep and lasting healing. My passion has been to help people heal down to the level of the DNA!  We contain over 34,000 bits of information in our DNA which includes the challenges that our ancestors were not able to completely heal. We even have unresolved past life issues as well. These traumas, fears and limitations get passed down to future generations to finish the job. 

As we are ascending, we cannot bring all this old baggage with us. These lower vibrating energies just bring us down and limit us. NO MORE!  It is TIME. My Guides have helped me develop this ancient healing work!

Now more than ever, we are at a time when EVERYONE is being called to clear out old baggage, trapped emotions, trauma's, inherited patterns, negative vibrations, stuck energy, limiting beliefs, blocked chakra's, energetic clearing, addictions, cellular memories, releasing attachments, and more. We cannot carry these into the 5D realm that is open for us now. An excellent service for humanity.

REGISTER to Join us on ZOOM!

The next FREE group healing will be on THURSDAY Sept. 22, 2022, at 7:00 pm, EST - Watch for details coming up!

Biofield Clearing Related to releasing our fears, insecurities and limitations for all who attend. 

EXPERIENCE the amazing energy of clearing old patterns. 

This will only be about 1 hour, or slightly more.

Register here for your Zoom link. (Please keep your link handy as you will not receive a reminder)  Thank you. Share with your friends!

 Eastern Time (US and Canada) 

Here is the registration link for this meeting: (PLEASE SAVE YOUR LINK )
Global Biofield Clearing Meeting - Zoom 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Please save your link to login! Zoom does not send out a reminder. Thank you.

Feel free to call me for questions or more info at 828- 777-JANE (5263) 

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