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Higher Consciousness Training for Inner Mastery

Life is Particularly Challenging these days.
We are being called to achieve increasingly pronounced states of greater awareness and sensitivity.

We are living in a time of accelerating change as we transform and evolve to a new level of participating on this planet— a higher dimension of being - playing at a NEW level.

What if you could identify and clear a number of blocks, limitations, sub-conscious beliefs, and stuck energy in any area of your life? 

What if you could accelerate your clarity, uncover your true purpose, raise your frequency, and manifest anything?

There is NO LIMIT to what you can experience!

If you are called to truly discover the depth and width of your innate skills, you are ready to work with us. Everyone can learn more about how their consciousness abilities work, and use them to your advantage. Learn the magic of connecting to the Quantum Field of Source Energy!

Discover the Multitude of Your Innate Capabilities
The Time is NOW.

We invite you to participate in this course of true self evolvement. There is nothing else to prepare for. Transcend your limits. Only YOU can decide how far you will go.  Watch your life blossom as you experience more insights, more power, more love, more light, and more peace.....

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Learn the Powerful Art of

'BioField Clearing'

This is a powerful Practitioner Certification Program using ancient Egyptian Dowsing Tools and 21 charts to easily identify and clear deep issues that have a negative influence on our energy field. Easy, Safe and Effective! A 'must' for ALL Health Practitioners and enthusiasts to have in their toolbox.

Now more than ever, we are at a time  when EVERYONE is being called to clear out old baggage, trapped emotions, trauma's, inherited patterns, negative vibrations, stuck energy, limiting beliefs, blocked chakra's, energetic clearing, addictions, cellular memories, releasing attachments, and more. We cannot carry these into the 5D realm that is open for us now. An excellent service to humanity.  Next Class starts in  June. Stay tuned and don't miss the early bird special!


 Click here to register  -  Mar. 29th ay 7:00 pm EST.

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Develope Inner Mastery!
Becoming 5D Beings

~ Learn powerful meditation techniques to deepen your skill, and release accumulated inner stress.

~SUPERCHARGE Your Intuition

~Open  and expand your conscious sensitivity.

~ Mind Mastery of Attention, Awareness, and Focus.

~ Transcending the Levels of the Conscious Mind

~ Increase Your Vibration and Frequency.

~ Change Subconscious Beliefs and Judgments.

~ Discover some amazing new techniques and powerful tools for healing!

Perfect for anyone - beginner or skilled.

2 hour Master Classes!

Replay and Workbook for each class included.

These are powerful, experiential trainings with exercises for you to explore and continue to deepen! 




~ Super Charge Your Immune System NOW!

~ Guided Imagery For All Body Systems

~ Healing in the Nine Dimensions

~Spiritual Healing of the Chakra's

~ Heavenly Healthy Hormones

~Release Emotional Trauma's,

~ You CAN Reverse the Aging Process

~The Power of Essential Oils

~Command Deep Cellular Healing, 

~ Heal Your DNA and even more!

             Nothing is impossible.


~Expand Awareness and Senses Further, ~Discover over 50 additional senses, ~Aligning with Source, The God Within,

Communicating with Angels, Star Beings,

~Multi-dimensional Seeing and Being

~BE the Magnificent Being You Are!

~Manifest Quantum Abundance

~ Advanced Classes coming soon!

Find out how YOU can become MORE unlimited!

Your Innate Power is UNLIMITED -


Self-empowerment is the most natural and treasured flowering of an awakened mind. It is about examining your inner abilities, seeing how and why we function as we do for personal transformation and growth.


Magnificent opportunities and freedoms abound when you choose to learn about your depths, grow and expand your innate conscious abilities.

Like any skill, it must be focused upon and developed, and called into being. Yet once encouraged to awaken, self-empowerment grows and blossoms on its own.

There are no limits.

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Your Master Guide

Dr. Jane has been a healer since she was a very young teen. She is a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Certified Intuitive and Spiritual Healer, Energy Healer, Light Therapy Trainer, Licensed Avatar Master and Wizard.  Jane's true passion has been teaching consciousness skills and expanding awareness techniques for over 25 years.  There is NO limit to what we can do!

Even my degree of certainty in our unlimitedness,

is UNLIMITED!   ~ Jane Smolnik

Master Your

Inner Power